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In terms of the daily use and care of natural watches, the watch shall be
protected carefully no matter long-term wear or occasional wear.
Release time: December, 12th, 2016

“Three Guarantees” service enjoyed by VAVC consumers
01. The consumers, who purchase the VAVC watches by official website and network channels, can enjoy the national warranty service for one year since the date of purchase  (on the basis of  the day when placing an order and paying successfully).
02. AVAVC makes a commitment that consumers are allowed to return and change the products for no reasons within 7 days since the date of purchase. If there is inartificial broken performance fault emerging in the movement of VAVC watch, the product can be returned within 15 days and repaired free in one year (all problems with the exception of its appearance).
03. AVC will issue a delivery order as sales voucher. If there is a return, please send it back with the delivery order (when the delivery order is lost, please send the merchandise back with the small paper on which the maintenance reasons and contact way are indicated).

“Three Guarantees” service enjoyed by VAVC consumers do not include:
01.Out of validity of “Three Guarantees” service.
02.Unable to provide “Three Guarantees” voucher
03.Warranty certificate is not in line with the size of the product, or the warranty certificate is altered.
04.ormal wear and aging (such as surface scratches, color fading and material decay) of the outside parts including watchcase ring, crown, watchband, glass, buckle and bottom cover.
05.External corrosion caused by exposure to corrosive gases or chemicals
06.The damage or abnormal function caused by malicious removal, unauthorized maintenance, modification of the system software or self-assembling of movement parts.
07.Abnormal and incorrect use (the damaged parts caused by throwing, rolling, impact, circuit board burning and incorrect use without referring to the VAVC specification).

In the process of using the watch, the watch’s waterproof function appearance can be affected by the external environmental factors. When purchasing and using the VAVC products, please pay attention to the following:
01.In order to ensure the waterproof performance, please avoid the watch to be impacted and wear the watch in the higher temperature environment like sauna.
02.You are suggested to operate the watch in water as far as possible. After swimming, wash your watch with water and let it dry completely.
03.Please avoid direct contact with chemical solvents, detergents and other acid and alkali corrosive substance.
04.When cleaning the metal watchcase and watchband, please wipe with a clean soft cloth and do not scrub it by using hard brush to prevent watch appearance parts surface scratches.

FAQ: (related information)
In terms of the daily use and care of natural watches, the watch shall be protected carefully no matter long-term wear or occasional wear.

The following suggestions are helpful to prolong the service life of the watch and keep the watch running accurately and stably.
1.Please avoid the watch from impact and wrestling.
2.Please do not use the watch in the environment with great temperature changes.
3.Do not open the watch bottom to prevent the dust from entering in the movement so as to affect the normal work of the watch.
4.Watch shall not be exposed to all kinds of chemicals. Once encountered, it is necessary to be promptly cleaned to prevent the coating discoloration, shedding and waterproof performance changes.
5.Watch shall be far away from the magnetic field. For example, it is not allowed to place above the electrical equipment which can produce magnetic field, like audio, refrigerators and computers, or next to the magnetic objects such as magnets and phone.
6.It is suggested to take the corresponding maintenance per two to three years, to detect the movement performance and power consumption of the movement, and to clean the movement and maintenance appearance.

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