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Less is more, simplicity is the essence of life. Actually, Simplicity is more impressive than blindly luxury. The original role of wrist watches is timekeeper. However, after people have appreciated all sorts of complex functions, simplicity has shown its unique lasting appeal, especially in today's increasingly impetuous society.

The founder of VAVC watch adheres to this concept by putting the attention back to simplicity, aims to design some watches that are loved and accessed by customers. I believe that these works will bring you a unique and fresh feeling.

VAVC watch is equipped with a piece of PVD coating crystal glass, genuine leather strap and pure color dial. It assembles a Japan movement and there is a unique date display window at 3 o 'clock position. The line of the watch is clean, simple and concise, without a hint of messy and miscellaneous, the watch is smooth and natural. It seems to be simple in generally, but it generates the bright effect.

At the same time, VAVC pays close attention to the flexibility of watch and dress collocation. It is equipped with additional leather straps, enables you to choose different style of strap in different occasions.

VAVC founder has engaged in watch industry for more than ten years and has their own factory. They want to make breakthrough for the traditional B2B business models and send products directly from the factory to the customer, thus save the intermediary costs. In this way, customers will spend less money to buy a better product.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". What we do is to keep it simple and cheap.

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